Amanawa Shinmei Miya (Amanawa Jinja) 甘縄神明宮

The oldest shrine in Kamakura which was founded before Kamakura Shogunate.  It is said that Yoritomo Minamoto, the founder of Kamakura Shogunate revered it . It's also said that Yasunari Kawabata liked sitting on the stone stairways spending a relax time.  This shrine worships Amaterasu-Oo-Mikami (the sun Goddess).

Kawabata Foundation (Residence of Yasunari Kawabata) 旧川端康成邸

Yasunari Kawabata (1899-1972) is a Japanese novelist.  He was awarded the Nobel Prize 1968 for his narrative mastery, which with great sensibility expresses the essence of the Japanese mind.  Moving several times in Kamakura, he lived at Hase in his last years and fortunately he was one of our regular customers those days.


His residence is introduced as Kawabata Foundation or Kawabata Residence on many web-maps, but it is not open to the public unless specified for the special case.  What we can do is just to see quietly its outside gate and feel the peaceful atmosphere there.  If you visit Amanawa shrine, look to the left from the entrance of the shrine. (Jp)

Kamakura Museum of Literature (Bungaku kan) 鎌倉文学館

It was built in 1890 as a 2nd house of a Marquis coming from a long distinguished Samurai family from the ancient times.  Being reconstructed due to the collapse in the Great Kanto Earthquake (1923) and rebuilt into the modern style in 1936, it is now opened as a museum of literature. Unfortunately almost all exhibitions are written only in Japanese, but we hope that it would be enjoyable just to see the old Japanese big house, garden, and the photos of the novelists and the scenery of Kamakura those days.  Actually, many Japanese visitors enjoy this place in that way.  (JP)


Yoshiya Nobuko Memorial 吉屋信子記念館

Bungaku-kan museum is the western style and this monumental house has the Japanese taste.  It is also enjoyable to just see the exterior and photos expressing the old Kamakura life.  It opens seasonally, so you had better check it's schedule to the Kamakura City Tourist association etc. beforehand.


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